Eviction Management

Limit homelessness with proactive eviction monitoring and management.

Stay one step ahead of evictions.

Fighting homelessness caused by evictions requires a proactive approach – but that’s often easier said than done. Managing evictions requires a delicate balance between owner and tenant rights, often involving a fair amount of paperwork, multiple departments, and a long list of steps to complete. That complexity makes it difficult to spot the trends that help you stay ahead of evictions in your community. But 3Di’s turnkey Eviction Management solution streamlines the eviction process and improves visibility to give you the efficiency and insights you need to make a meaningful impact.

Key Features

Case Management

Simplify the tracking and processing of various types of evictions, ensuring appropriate balance of owner and tenant rights.

Workflow Management

Streamline processes with workflow automation, multi-channel notifications, and role-based actions and reporting.

Document Management

Reduce paperwork with online forms and our Scan to Case tool, and store, organize, and easily access your digital documents.

Correspondence Management

Easily manage owner and tenant communications and view correspondence history organized by case, property, and contact.

Owner & Tenant Portal

Easy-to-use, secure online portal for property owners and tenants, available on mobile and web.

Reporting & Analytics

See every eviction, hearing, appeal, and more. Plus get insights into eviction trends affecting your community.

Take control of your eviction processes without delay.

Your community has its own ordinances, policies, and department structures that make your eviction processes unique. 3Di Eviction Management adapts to streamline those existing processes so you’re not forced to make significant operational changes. Better still, this customized configuration can be made and deployed quickly without significant development resources.

Keep tenants and property owners in the loop.

Help tenants and property owners stay aware of their rights and any changes in law with an intuitive customer portal. The portal also provides owners with an easy way to file mandatory notices and automated workflows keep everyone up to date on the status of pending evictions with timely notifications through multiple channels. 

Spot trends that take you from reactive to proactive.

Make more informed decisions with easy access to all your eviction data in one place. Get the insights that can help you take meaningful action, such as changes to the frequency of evictions and stated causes, problem areas, and more. Use these insights to inform outreach and policies to stay ahead of evictions and related homelessness in your community.

Get the power of the 3Di Engage platform.

Our housing products are built with 3Di Engage, a powerful software as a service (SaaS) platform designed for the way you work. This robust foundation means you can get up and running in a flash, avoid data and system silos, and easily add new solutions down the road. Plus, it runs on Amazon Web Services, which provides industry-leading reliability, security, compliance, and affordability.

A better world, one community at a time.

States, cities, and organizations across the country are using 3Di solutions to improve countless lives. Their work is what drives us.

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See how 3Di Eviction Management can help you stay one step ahead of evictions in your community.