Rental Property Registry

Keep a pulse on the rentals in your community.

Better housing programs start with an accurate inventory.

Housing programs that truly benefit your community require a solid foundation of accurate, up-to-date, and complete information. The 3Di Rental Property Registry makes it easy for property owners and managers to provide the information you need. Then it puts all that data at your fingertips with a database of rental properties that provides invaluable insights for better managing evictions, inspections, affordable housing programs, and more.

Key Features

Property Inventory

A single database with a complete and accurate inventory of rental properties by projects, parcels, and units.

Case Management

Simplify the tracking and processing of exemptions, ownership updates, use type changes, and more.

Workflow Management

Streamline processes with workflow automation, multi-channel notifications, and role-based actions and reporting.

Reporting & Analytics

Get real-time access to the information you need to make informed decisions for your housing programs.

Owner & Tenant Portal

Easy-to-use, secure online portal for property owners and tenants, available on mobile and web

Online Payments

Manage and collect fees, fines, taxes, and adjustments with integrated payment processing.

Improve compliance with housing ordinances.

Easily roll out case management and workflows for new registry-related ordinances and updates. Then eliminate friction for property owners through an intuitive customer portal and automated notifications. This makes it simpler for them to stay in compliance and gives you the data you need to uncover compliance issues in real time.

Get full, intuitive visibility of your rental inventory.

Missing information, disparate systems, and databases organized solely by address or owner can leave housing program managers in the dark. The 3Di Rental Property Registry provides a single place to view rental properties and all their relevant details, organized by parcels and units. Improve visibility even further with map-based views using our GIS integration.

Establish a shared foundation for all your housing programs.

An accurate rental property inventory makes managing all your housing programs far simpler. With a single source of consistently updated data on rental prices, the growth or decline of rental units, occupancy rates, and more, you’ll have access to all the data you need. From managing inspections to writing grant applications to reducing evictions, everything gets a little easier with a high-quality rental registry.

Get the power of the 3Di Engage platform.

Our housing products are built with 3Di Engage, a powerful software as a service (SaaS) platform designed for the way you work. This robust foundation means you can get up and running in a flash, avoid data and system silos, and easily add new solutions down the road. Plus, it runs on Amazon Web Services, which provides industry-leading reliability, security, compliance, and affordability.

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See how the 3Di Engage Rental Property Registry can give you the foundation you need for more effective housing programs.