Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) Inspections

Easily manage WUI inspections and enhance wildfire safety with the 3Di Engage Platform for Community Risk Reduction. 

Take the hassle out of wildfire safety in your jurisdiction

From automated inspection workflows to GIS-mapped property inventory, the 3Di Engage Platform for Community Risk Reduction helps inspectors efficiently and accurately conduct brush abatement inspections, improve property owner compliance, and keep the public educated about their responsibilities and safety.

Key Features

Mobile WUI Inspection App

Manage everything from the field, including code look-up, interactive inspection checklists, viewing property and case history, issuing citations, and more – even with poor or no connectivity.

Property Inventory

Reference a single up-to-date database with a complete and accurate inventory of properties by parcels and units – all tied to contact and case history and easily viewed by list or map.

Process Automation

Manage inspection cases from start to finish, with automated inspection scheduling, omnichannel notifications and alerts, task routing, and more.

Fire Code Management

Easily add and update local and regional codes, quickly reference other standards like the IFC and NFPA codes, view proposed remedies, and automatically adjust related workflows.

Reporting & Analytics

With your data consolidated into a single system with improved data visibility, fire agency staff can easily generate meaningful reports and uncover valuable insights.

Payment Processing

Manage fee structures, support billing, and process self-serve payments all in one system, empowering essential cost recovery and frictionless bill pay.

“The 3Di prevention software is very user friendly and powerful, with a multitude of capabilities that have helped us bring our inspection program under complete control.”


See how the 3Di Engage Platform for Community Risk Reduction helped the City of La Habra Heights with WUI inspections in this project profile.

Why use 3Di Engage for your community risk reduction?

  • Ready to Deploy CRR tools: Get fully up and running in as little as a few weeks.
  • Maximum Efficiency: Do your work more quickly and easily, from the office and the field.
  • Sensible Pricing: Enjoy greater pricing predictability, for easy growth and no surprise price hikes.
  • No Silos: Seamlessly integrate with systems across your organization.

Everything You Need to Oversee WUI Inspections

Our WUI inspection solution, simplifies WUI inspection management. This solution adapts to your inspection program, enhancing efficiency at every step. It provides you with a mapped property inventory, fire code management tools, and a self-service portal for property owners. With the robust mobile inspection app, fire officials can work seamlessly from the field, even in areas with limited connectivity.

Complete WUI Inspections in Record Time

The 3Di Engage Platform for Community Risk Reduction streamlines WUI assessments by digitizing and automating processes, allowing you to manage more WUI inspections with your existing resources. Take advantage of intelligent inspection scheduling tools, route alerts for non-compliance issues on properties, and speed up the follow-up process to run a more productive WUI program. Now you can run more accurate reporting, resolve non-compliance issues more quickly, and provide a smoother experience for residents. It’s time to focus less on administrative tasks and more on managing wildfire risks.

A Solution that Adapts to Your Needs

From California to Texas to North Carolina, every region has unique needs for wildfire risk reduction. That’s why we built the 3Di Engage CRR Platform with WUI Inspections Solution. It is a flexible software solution, able to adapt to your different needs. Whether it’s a custom checklist for unique structure types, flexible form types, or an unpredictable follow-up process, we’ve got you covered.

Get the power of the 3Di Engage platform.

Our public safety products are built with 3Di Engage, a powerful software as a service (SaaS) platform designed for the way you work. This robust foundation means you can get up and running in a flash, avoid data and system silos, and easily add new solutions down the road. Plus, it runs on Amazon Web Services, which provides industry-leading reliability, security, compliance, and affordability.

A better world, one community at a time.

States, cities, and organizations across the country are using 3Di solutions to improve countless lives. Their work is what drives us.

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See how 3Di’s Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) Inspection software can help you keep your community safer.