Reducing Wildfire Risks in the City of Los Angeles

Los Angeles Fire Department

Solution Deployed
Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) Inspection
Launch Date
February 2016

The Challenge

The Los Angeles Fire Department is responsible for inspecting over 145,000 WUI related parcels annually. These parcels have been identified by California’s state fire agency, CalFire, as being either high or very high risk for wildfire.

Even with the highly trained LAFD inspection teams, inspecting such a large number of parcels each fire season was a daunting task, resulting in about 60% completion annually. Reaching full compliance depended on implementing a better solution.

The 3Di prevention software is very user friendly and powerful, with a multitude of capabilities that have helped us bring our inspection program under complete control.

The Solution

Developed in partnership with LAFD, 3Di deployed a cloud-based WUI inspection solution for:

  • More efficient field inspections. Using tablet technologies, inspectors can quickly identify if high-risk parcels are in code compliance.
  • Easy access to proper inventory. Critical to any inspection program, 3Di provides a parcel inventory with ownership information that is refreshed, accurate, and readily available on demand.
  • End-to-end violation management. 3Di WUI Inspection can manage case stages from first inspection through to compliance.

With the deployment of 3Di WUI Inspection, LAFD achieved full compliance in 2016 and has continued to do so every year since. Additionally, the fire department has cut their inspection time by 50%.

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