Preserving Affordable Housing in Los Angeles County

Los Angeles County Development Authority

Solution Deployed
Preservation Database
Launch Date
December 2020

The Challenge

In the 12 years leading up to this project, Los Angeles County had lost 5,057 affordable housing units and nearly 8,000 more were at risk within 10 years. The Los Angeles County Development Authority (LACDA) was determined to preserve affordable housing, but lacked a system that could properly support this initiative.

Residential project data was divided across a wide variety of systems, making it extremely difficult to track and manage effectively. And without a system to consolidate this data, helpful reporting and visualization was practically impossible. Preserving Los Angeles County’s stock of affordable housing depended on implementing a better solution.

Having this visibility now through the Preservation Database allows us to always remain one step ahead.

The Solution

LACDA worked with 3Di to deploy a preservation database, built on the 3Di Engage software platform. Using the capabilities of 3Di Engage, 3Di created a customized solution that:

  • Integrates with data sources. The team created integrations to feed project and related case data from each relevant system directly into the preservation database while preserving key attributes.
  • Consolidates data. The system deduplicates data received from the myriad of sources and manages a consolidated inventory of over 2.4M parcels.
  • Tracks funding. LACDA’s preservation database tracks project funding across various financial instruments such as loans, bonds, grants, and more.
  • Improves visibility. Stakeholders, from the public to LACDA leadership, now have role-based access to data in a single system. Reporting is easy, projects and properties are mapped for intuitive visualization, and LACDA staff can create new widgets and dashboards on the fly.

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