An Integrated Solution for Service Request Management in the City of Pico Rivera

City of Pico Rivera

Solution Deployed
3Di Engage for Service Request Management
Launch Date
February 2022

The Challenge

311 in the City of Pico Rivera, California, involves over 80 different types of service
requests handled by six divisions within Public Works as well as multiple other

departments including Finance, Community and Economic Development, and

others. Prior to working with 3Di, city staff managed these requests with several

disparate software applications and platforms. A lack of consolidated data and

strong integrations made reporting and efficient operations a challenge, while

IT costs and management overhead were difficult to optimize.

To reduce the resources required to manage their technology solutions and
improve capabilities, the city sought to move to a single platform that could

effectively support cross-departmental operations and better serve their citizens.

3Di offered the best all-in-one solution that we were looking for – to serve as that umbrella platform that meant any other platform could tie into in the future.

The Solution

The City of Pico Rivera worked with 3Di to deploy the 3Di Engage platform for Service Request Management, migrating over 35,000 existing records from the previous system. This new solution empowers the city to:

  • Generate meaningful reports. With all data consolidated into a single system with improved data visibility, city staff can easily generate meaningful reports and uncover valuable insights.
  • Streamline operations. The platform is configured to handle all 80+ types of service requests while simplifying workflows between departments, enabling increased efficiency and faster request fulfillment.
  • Easily manage the web portal. The solution leverages popular website technology, WordPress, so staff can easily make changes as their needs evolve.
  • Improve mobile capabilities. A new staff mobile app provides the full functionality of the 3Di Engage web portal to city employees on their mobile devices, simplifying field operations. A separate public app makes it easy for citizens to make and manage service requests on the go.
  • Grow and expand. New users and service request types can be added easily, and the low code platform can be extended for capabilities such as code enforcement, bill pay, business licensing, and more.

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