Information Technology Support Services

This relates to the Master Agreement By and Between County of Los Angeles Internal Services Department and 3Di, Inc. for Information Technology Support Services.

RFSQ # 104366

  • CATEGORY 1: Mainframe/Midrange Systems Design and Application Maintenance

  • CATEGORY 2: Mainframe/Midrange Operating Systems Programming/ Administration

  • CATEGORY 3: Mainframe/Midrange Database Administration

  • CATEGORY 4: Desktop Consulting and Application Development

  • CATEGORY 5: Client/Server Application Systems Planning and Development

  • CATEGORY 6: Network Services

  • CATEGORY 7: Technical Specialist Consulting


    7A – Information Systems Re-Engineering

    7B – Video, Voice, and/or Imaging Systems Development

    7C – Capacity Planning/Rightsizing Evaluations

    7D – System and/or Management Audits

    7E – System Requirements/Technical Architecture Studies

    7F – Data Administration Activities

    7G – Project Management of Projects Applicable to all Skill Categories

    7H – Long-Range Information Systems Planning

    7 I – Technical Facilities – Requirements/Technical Architectural Studies/Project Management/etc.

    7J – Business Continuity, Availability Management, and Disaster Recovery Planning

  • CATEGORY 8: Mainframe/Mid range Application Server Administration

  • CATEGORY 9: Business Intelligence (BI), Data Warehouse/Data Mart (DW/DM), and Business Analytics and Data Mining (BA/DM) Design and Development –


    9A – Business Intelligence (BI) Development

    9B – Data Warehouse (DW) / Data Mart (DM) Development

    9C – Business Analytics (BA) and Data Mining (DM) Development

  • CATEGORY 10: Web-Based Development Services

  • CATEGORY 11: IT Service Management Specialist /Consulting


    11A – ITSM Program/Project Manager

    11B – ITSM Business Liaison 1

    1C – ITSM Service Manager

    11D – ITSM Process Owner

    11E – ITSM Process Manager

    11F – ITSM Communication, Branding, and Marketing Specialist/ Consultant

    11G – ITSM Tooling Architect

    11H – ITSM Tooling Analyst

  • CATEGORY 12: Communications Support Services


Octavio Sahagun
(562) 940-2188


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