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From novel problems and opportunities to unique use cases in your business & operations, there are many reasons why an off-the-shelf software product or an organization-wide automation system may not be sufficient. That’s where our 3Di Engage Platform comes in. 3Di Engage Platform, is an intuitive, no code platform that provides a significant head start towards the exact solution you require.

It comes with complex case management capabilities and state of art technology associations. With inbuilt solution accelerators, 3Di Engage has the power to transform most commonly found use cases into customized, context specific solutions that can deliver efficiency, engagement and analytics on the go.

Once we work with you to determine precisely what you need, our team will use 3Di Engage Platform & its solution accelerators to create a perfectly-tailored SaaS solution for your organization or business process in a matter of weeks. All this without the need for outside developers or heavy lifting by your IT department.

Guess what, 3Di Engage Platform has been built with swift integration capabilities. It can work with your existing IT technology stack and deliver a solution that not only solves your challenges swiftly,  but also, does it with cost efficiencies unlike you will see with any other standalone solution.

Engage with Unique Capabilities, Complex Case Environments & Intuitive Integration Possibilities.

3Di Engage is a uniquely inclusive No Code Platform, that brings people, assets & processes together at one place. It helps you to create a complex case management environment where all of the above are intuitively integrated to give you a comprehensive understanding of your overall business.

Key Features

Traditionally even today, most solutions either do only people management or asset management or process management, but there are hardly any solutions that do all the three together. 3Di Engage has been built with the power to envision complex environments and create solutions that perfectly manage your people, assets and processes together from one place. We were able to achieve this, because we have been working in one of the most complex business environments of the public sector for more than 20 years and still counting!

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Simplify customer engagement with comprehensive contact information, campaign management, and simplified communications.

Asset Management

Keep all the assets you track organized – from rental properties to street lights – with a flexible, scalable digital inventory.

Case Management

Eliminate paperwork and streamline the resolution of requests, complaints, incidents, and other cases with increased visibility and efficient automations.

Workflow Management

Customize, track, and automate the workflows that power your programs and processes, adapting the platform to the way your organization gets things done.

Content & Document Management

Reduce or eliminate paperwork and organize all your digital assets in a single storage solution.

Code/Policy Management

Easily add and update codes, quickly reference your digital code book, manage violations and proposed remedies, and automatically adjust code-related workflows.

Reporting & Insights

Access analytics reports in real time and make sense of your data with advanced insights backed by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Location-Based Visualization (GIS)

View assets by location with advanced mapping integrations for intuitive visibility and streamlined operations – at the office and in the field.

Billing & Payments

Manage fee structures, support billing, and process self-serve payments all in one system, empowering essential cost recovery and frictionless bill pay.

Omnichannel Communications

Send and automate notifications, alerts, and other communications to internal and external stakeholders through email, SMS, social, and app push notifications.

Mobile & Web Interfaces

Improve access for staff and the public with personalized mobile apps and web portals designed for ease of use, efficiency, and security.

Multi-Language Support

Make your communications, apps, and portals more inclusive with support for a wide variety of languages.

Robust Security & Compliance

Maintain appropriate security and compliance with customizable protocols backed by SOC 2 Type 2 certification and ready to support FISMA, CJIS, PCI, HIPAA, ADA/WCAG, and other compliance needs.

Integrations & Extensibility

Seamlessly integrate with existing and future systems for 2-way syncing that allows you to streamline operations and see everything in one place without wasting previous investment or limiting future capabilities.

In the Cloud with AWS

Get all the benefits of a cloud-based SaaS platform backed by Amazon Web Services’ advanced reliability, security, and technical capabilities.

Notifications & Alerts

Knowledge Base, FAQs

Integration Services (API)

Sensible Pricing

Protect your budget with tiered pricing based on usage, not per-seat licensing. Get predictable scaling and maximum return on investment regardless of your size or needs.

Renowned Support

Keep things running smoothly with included Genie Hours that can be used for any type of assistance – from training to tech support.

Deploy quickly and easily.

Since 3Di Engage is already built for the way you work, it can be implemented in as little as 2-3 weeks. Our team will customize it for your needs, integrate with your existing systems, and have it delivering value right away.

Deploy quickly and easily

Engage anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Businesses and other key stakeholders want quick and easy access to your organization. 3Di Engage makes it simple to provide that access with mobile apps, web portals, omnichannel communication tools, and 2-way integrations with any other systems you use to communicate. Engage any person, at any time, through any channel they prefer.

Break down barriers.

Bouncing between systems to access information and manage processes is slow, frustrating, and can leave you feeling one step behind. 3Di Engage eliminates these silos, providing a full 360-degree view across systems and functions. With advanced reporting and 2-way integrations with your other systems, you get visibility into everything you need from a single place.

Stay secure and compliant.

From ADA compliance to securing sensitive information, your government software must be up to the task. That’s why we maximize security through compliance with standards such as CJIS and SOC 2 Type 2 and host our 3Di Engage platform on AWS’s FedRAMP compliant infrastructure.

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